Collaboration between ACBA Leasing and Zenon7


On June 1, 2016, ACBA Leasing signed an agreement with “ASIM” LLC and the organization “Zenon7”, specialized in European affairs and economic diplomacy. The Armenian representative of “Zenon7” has been acting since 2015 under the mission of business relations’ development between Armenia and the European Union.


Owing to due activity and efforts of “Zenon7”, henceforward the RA economic entities will be granted with an opportunity of purchasing modern agricultural equipment from both the primary and secondary markets of the European countries.


As to Zhan-Qristof Gallian, Director of “Zenon7”, in case RA economic entities are provided with beneficial lease terms and conditions, collaboration with ACBA Leasing appears to be a promising launch aimed at the perspective development of the sphere and the RA and EU businessmen relations formulated on the international level.


Based on the broad experience with abroad suppliers, ACBA Leasing has expressed high readiness for favouring the development of commercial relations of the Armenian and European economic entities in the framework of the mentioned collaboration, just providing them with both technical and informational support.


In ACBA Leasing General Manager Arsen Bazikyan’s opinion, such kind of collaborations, both at state level and business terms, provide the interested parties with an opportunity of facing the modern challenges, identifying new development mechanisms and using them in favour of their business promotion, in parallel with furthering the national economy development.

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