Taking into consideration the Armenian market and the present demand “ACBA Leasing” CJSC and “Zeppelin Armenia” LLC jointly undertook the mission of contributing to the business of the local companies and placing the three-sided cooperation on a new plane.

After lasting negotiations negotiations between “ACBA Leasing”CJSC and “Zeppelin Armenia” CJSC, besides, with “Zeppelin International, in Armenia Vendor Finance Co-operation Agreement was concluded on May 30 of the current year, according to which it is planned to provide by leasing equipments in the limits of 7.500.000 USD in2011-2012. The afore-said appears to be a mutually profitable contract on commercial financing, which will provide constructional, mining industrial, road building organizations with the operative possibility of getting profitable financing making use of the lease superiorities. Due to the given agreement, Zeppelin Armenia Company will widen its sale volumes, and ACBA Leasing Company will possess qualified and dynamically developing portfolio, and the clients will be able to purchase constructional, mining industrial techniques and power units by profitable conditions.

By the way we have the honour to bring the unexpected present of “ACBA Leasing” CO CJSC and “Zeppelin Armenia” LLC to the attention of the clients eager to purchase the equipments with trade mark “CAT” in the period starting from June 1 up to June 30 of the current year by 9.9 % annual rate, i.e. by the rate having no comparative precedent in the Armenian financial market. 

In case of discrepancies between the published Armenian and English versions priority shall be given to the Armenian version.
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