General manager's message to the visitors of the web-site:

I am so glad to greet you on behalf of "ACBA Leasing" CJSC through our web-site, which is mainly aimed at introducing to you the services offered by the company.
Based on the gathered experience, knowledge and high professional skills of the employees the company consistently and straightforwardly adheres to the sustainable growth strategy by means of working out new lease products in conformity with the market demands.
The afore-said is certified by the portfolio of Our Company growing year by year, besides, by the structure thereof, in which financing of different economic spheres is set at the prevalent point(nearly 98 %).
"ACBA Leasing" CJSC staff is recruited by professional and combined employees. Moreover, we have a lot of clients and partners, cooperation with whom is based exclusively on the individual approach.
Continually enhancing the leasing process and making it conformable with the international criteria, it is all the same, the most important point to be focused on has always been the approach towards the client. To be sure of the client-oriented approach of the company, try to get prompt answer on any kind of question in the framework of leasing just getting in touch with our leasing specialists on the spot through the web-site without going far from the computer.
Taking into account the continually increasing demand towards the services being offered by our company, the web-site has also been under design and structural modifications to be submitted for the consideration of all our web visitors.
It will keep being as an information source which is wholly and continuously updated to be at the discretion of our clients, suppliers and partners at any time..
I want to express my deep gratitude to all suppliers, clients and partners for the collaboration and assistance.
We would be glad to discuss the new projects being suggested and give the financial solution thereof. Besides, we are ready to collaborate with new suppliers, too.Day by day development and implementation of new products, besides, auctions held jointly with the suppliers have become an ordinary job schedule.

"ACBA Leasing" company, keeping its absolutely leading position in the market, is widening its borders both geographically and in respect of the variety of the leasing objects. Meanwhile, we maintain collaboration with our old partners, periodically updating the list of the suppliers, owing to which enrollment of many new clients is ensured.

With best regards and expectations on further cooperation
General Manager
Arsen Bazikyan

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