“AGBA Leasing” and “OVAL” Plastic

“AGBA Leasing” CO CJSC and “OVAL” Plastic LLC signed a lease contract on 27.09.2011, by which “OVAL” Plastic LLC was provided with one-time usage polymer containers producing production-line issued by South-Korean Company “VFK Head Corp.”. Due to above-mentioned production-line the company will produce such kind of containers, which had been importing till that moment from abroad.

“OVAL” Plastic LLC is considered to be one of the leaders in RA in the sphere of one-time usage plastic containers and printing.

For the purpose of production volumes’ enlargement in the coming future the company is planning to purchase new less consumptive equipments, which save the electricity, ensure production low cost and sale volume growth.

Estimating the high quality of the services provided by RA Leasing Market Leader “AGBA Leasing” CO CJSC, the company intends to make use of the multi-profile leasing objects provided by us in the future, too.

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