ACBA Leasing celebrates its 10th anniversary

“ACBA Leasing” CO CJSC was established in 2003. The organization was registered under the patent number N 4 provided by Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia on April 23, 2003. It is the first specialized credit organization. Its founders are: “ACBA Credit Agricol Bank” CJSC, represented by General Manager Stepan Gishyan, and French Credit Agricole Group, which is one of the shareholders of the organization now, too.  

Main activity of the organization is the realization of leasing. The organization managed to be included in all spheres of the economy of Armenia and, providing under leasing different equipments, has made a significant contribution to the development of those spheres.

Continuously promoting an active activity in the Armenian leasing market, the organization collaborates not only with local, but also with foreign suppliers.  The number of the contracts on collaboration signed with supplier-organizations is growing year after year on the international scale. At present the company works with more than 120 supplier-organizations.

According to the data as of December, 2012 Rating presented by Information Agency “Arm Info” ACBA Leasing is in the first five among other 28 credit organizations with the dynamic growth of its assets and equity, with the volume of loan investments and interest. Whilst among leasing credit organizations (the number of which is already 3) appears to be an absolute leader. The company assets constitute more than 11 billion AMD, net loan portfolio about 9 billion AMD, accumulated interest – 1.7 billion AMD. Up to now the company has provided under lease about 14000 cars and other equipments. Since 2011 the company has provided under lease real estate, too.

Since 2012 ACBA Leasing, by the right of ownership purchased a new, technically more complemented and spacious area in the neighbourhood of the central square, this way furthering the quality improvement of the services and volume enlargement thereof, as well the implementation of new products corresponding to the leasing market.

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