For Agro clients

        Lease properties can be:

  • Agricultural engineering and equipment,

  • Heat pumps, drop irrigation systems,

  • Industrial lines,

  • Constructions collected from sandwich panels (refrigerators, drying rooms),

  • Other kind of fixed assets.

        Lessees can be:

  • Juridical entities,

  • Private entrepreneurs,

  • Individuals.

        Terms and conditions:

  • Currency: AMD, USD, EUR, RUR

  • Down payment: staring from 20 % calculated out of the property,

  • Annual Interest Rate: starting from 10 %*,

  • Maturity period: up to 60 months,

  • Lump Sum Commission Payment: 0.8% - 1.5% out of the contract value,

  • Annual Compulsory Insurance: 0.25 % - 2.75 % (for the first year - toward the property whole value, whilst upon each year end - toward the lease amount residue),

  • One or two guarantors (without any reference on income),

  • Repayments are completed monthly in equal amounts**.


       Repayments are made monthly in equal amounts and the interest rate is calculated toward the remained principal amount.

       Lease calculation method:

       Property cost                      6 000 000 AMD

       Advance payment              900 000 AMD

       Annual interest rate           10%

       Lease term                          60 months

       Monthly payment              108 360 AMD

       The leased property amount is transferred /not in cash/ to the property supplier, which has been chosen by the lessee.



  • No pledge is required,

  • Premature redemption opportunity without fines and penalties,

  • Annual Interest Rate reduction by 0.5 % after the first and each following year of the lease contract validity period.

        Required documents:

        For juridical entities:

  • Scanned versions of the passports or identification cards of the director and shareholders,

  • Scanned versions of the company foundation documents,

  • Proforma Invoice issued by the supplier /original/,

  • Scanned version (s) of the passport (s) or identification card(s) of the guarantor(s),

  • Other required documents.

        For individuals:

  • A copy of the passport or identification card,

  • A document on income,

  • Proforma Invoice issued by the supplier,

  • Copy (ies) of the passport(s) and identification card(s) of the guarantor(s).



     Useful  Information:

    Universal Paper on essential conditions and terms of Agro Leasing




* Interest rates are calculated on the basis of nominal interest rate in respect of the lease amount residue. And the annual actual interest rate shows the cost of leasing in case the interests and other payments are covered in due time and in proper way.

Annual Interest Rate calculation method can be found here.


**Should the Lessee not fulfill his/her obligations timely, penalty will be imposed in respect of the overdue amount to the tune of 0.2 % per day and the information on the client will be recorded in the credit register, besides, pursuant to the lease contract, the Lessee will be obliged to return the lease property to “ACBA Leasing” CO CJSC. Meanwhile, “ACBA Leasing” CO CJSC will be entitled to demand complete fulfillment of lease contract obligations.

Detailed information on penalties can be found here.





















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