Advantages of leasing


        Leasing, as a financial instrument, provides economic subjects with wide range of opportunities, particularly:


  • Lease object and supplier selection is completely left to the discretion of the Lessee,
  • Property purchase, transportation, custom clearance and other disbursements are involved in lease object’s cost, naturally in lease contract as well,
  • Long-term financing under no business plans,
  • Lease contract conclusion in AMD, USD and EUR,
  • Lessee Current Assets’ saving opportunity,
  • Lease object selection both  from the Republic of Armenia and abroad,
  • Lease service coverage in all regions of the Republic of Armenia,
  • Lease contract conclusion without additional collaterals,
  • Simplified package of documents,
  • Purchase of the newest and latest equipment and technology conformable to the scientific engineering progress  without including additional funds,
  • Lease payment implementation after one month since the moment the object was factually supplied,
  • Grace period for redemptions, Lease Object Slip Order modification,
  • No commission payment for the discussion of the application and signing of the contracts,
  • Free of charge consultation since the moment the first conversation started up to the conclusion of the contracts, besides, lease specialists' free of charge consultation throughout the whole process of leasing,
  • Funding Special Offers and Discounts from Suppliers,
  • Recording of lease object operation and of all expenditures incurred during the validity period of the contract in the accounting of the Lessee, besides, VAT offset opportunity in parallel with the redemptions.









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